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The Heroes’ Club, join me!

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Hey there, you wonderful people out there,

Around this time of year (and not only), it is the best moment to focus more on people around us in need of support, in need of being brought back to their strong and ever-growing version of themselves.

And as so many types of setbacks impact one’s life, I feel we do not talk about or do enough for emotionally abused friends out there.

There is a growing need of support, of openness, increased awareness and human contact for people going through such powerfully-forming life experience and any type of involvement is more than welcome.

Think about a colleague bullied by his or her boss or co-worker, think about your cousin emotionally abused by his brother, think about another person you know that is or has been emotionally undermined due to his or her origin or choices… Cases of emotional abuse are so diverse that they spread throughout all aspects of life, right? For example, in the professional world, the impact of such emotional abuse can lead to issues in performance, affecting as well the decision making process, impacting projects and development activities, lowering the quality of professional relationships and seriously affecting the company culture.

So, what can be done? How can we all help? What is the way out and the path towards growth?

This journey still remains a personal one. Impacted people will continue to go through the healing and growing process on their own and in their own manner, because it is their situation to manage and they have to define their own way forward. Nevertheless, they need help from all of us.

This is my Christmas gift, if you will, my input, my first level of support, not only as a Career Growth Coach or as a Personal Change Partner, but as someone who has had her own share of emotional abuse in life like most of people out there and that I am willing to share my experience, my own solutions, principles and views. I have been there and lived it, so maybe my journey can help someone else bring their inner hero back to light, like in my case.

Whether people like to admit it or not, most of them have experienced at some point in time at least one form of emotional abuse or bullying, so we all have something potentially useful to share with the community out there, we can all pitch in and help.

Here is my proposal…

Join me in lending a supporting hand to those emotionally abused friends out there in need of a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to.

Join me in supporting them in their journey to bring their inner hero back to light, build up strength to grow and shine again.

Join the Heroes’ Club and start spreading your magic!

*Sessions hosted online via Zoom


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