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Client talk insights...

Latest client talk I had just blew my mind… My client said (at the beginning of our coaching journey) in a direct, yet wondering style (as he is a constant wonderer about the realities of life), well, he said “the market is just not ready for me”.

For you to grasp the context behind his statement, I should tell you that he is pushing to launch himself in a different direction professionally speaking and he is completely focused on working remotely and applying a fresh view on the projects he is targeting… He is just constantly hitting a brick wall from the people that are either too conservatory, just refusing the fully remote approach, forcing him to again fit inside the boxes that they are used too (thus, running away from innovation and the fresh breath of change), and some of them even feeling threatened by his powerful expertise compared to theirs… This is the conclusion he has drawn from the latest journey of finding the golden nugget of collaborations among the rough diamonds around…

I could tell that he was mounting on frustration and disillusion, while striving to keep his motivation level up.

My question was (to get the ball rolling on his self-analysis): “how do you manage the response or reaction you might have to things that you cannot control?”

His idea came after some good minutes of self-reflection and sighing, that he has to keep charging into the direction he has decided to take and leave whatever blockages he stumbled upon behind, but not before capitalizing on the lessons he had learned from these experiences.

It was tough for him to realize that against his frustrations, he just had to practice letting go and keeping the direction he has chosen to take.

That takes practice and practice, getting used to keeping your direction despite issues, keeping the focus, keeping the level of the constructive energy up. All of this always comes from within and as soon as you discover that, you are all set for the growth journey.

Keep going!


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