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A little bit about me...



I am the sounding board that people need to voice their inner thoughts and wishes for growth and I guide myself by my following core principles:

  • Take small & concrete steps: remember, the world hasn't been built in a day. It takes time to succeed, to reach the destination you want. The important thing is to go for it, not in one shot, but with small steps that will bring you there.

  • Optimism & positivism are the keys to sustainable motivation: have you ever noticed how the way you look at a situation influences the outcome? It makes a huge difference whether you look at the half full or half empty glass. Focus on what you do have, be aware of what makes your life sparkle and acknowledge your strengths for your positive mindset will give you the keys to reach your destination.

  • Be true to yourself: a clear image of your feelings, of your expectations and your strengths will help you to understand what makes you tick. It is the key to have a clear basis to build on, therefore use the mirror within yourself to shed the light on who you want to be.

  • There is a solution for every problem: there are always more than one way to look at a situation and a bundle of possible ways to change or overcome it. You already have the strength and capacity to achieve within you, unleash it and grow.

  • Be realistic in your approach: it is key to dream and to hope, nevertheless stay pragmatic and realistic with your goals planning in order to secure their achievement. Remember, take small & concrete steps. You can move a mountain not all at once, but one stone at a time.

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My Values

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I have spent the past over 19 years throughout my professional experience helping people with different profiles, personalities, development needs to reach their goals, being their close partner & sounding board, accompanying them throughout their inner journey towards improved awareness of who they are and what they want to achieve.

​I have always had this urge and willingness to help others, so I did it within different contexts and in different ways. I have actually been a coach for a very long time before it even became my profession because I followed my instinct and supported my friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances to overcome life challenges and become who they wanted to become.


My life has been particularly rich in experiences and lessons I’ve learned within different professional environments (Change Management, People Development, Configuration Management, Skills Development, Project Management, Communication, etc.), but also rich in life-changing events that taught me how to use my inner strength to fulfill my dreams and attain my goals.


Today, through a personalized and holistic approach, I am the PARTNER that helps you be the BEST YOU CAN BE by using your inner POWER and FORWARD THINKING. You have all it takes to reach any destination, fulfill any dream, and be anything YOU WANT. I am here to help you ACHIEVE it.


My Education / Training

I am a Certified Master Coach, having graduated one of the state-of-the-art ICF programs with the Center for Coaching Certification, and with a strong professional experience in other different domains.


Moreover, I am also trained in configuration management, project management aspects related to the human factor, the people engagement and communication, followed by certification in Marketing / Communication / Leadership, among others.

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