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Emotional Self-Check, a 10 easy steps run-through

It’s so easy these days to lose your grip when facing stressful situations and the unknown. Therefore, it has become crucial to learn how to self-regulate your emotions and adapt your reactions to what is happening.

It is also vital to remember that we all act differently to the same stress factors, so it is important for you to understand what makes you tick, the right or the wrong way, and how to surf through the emotional wave that hits you.

These are just a few questions that might help you scan your emotional grid better during tough times and help you see how to weather that storm.

So, take a piece of paper or a device such as your pc or mobile phone, and start putting down all elements that can help you understand that particular situation better:

1. Describe the situation in as many details as possible, in order better understand it as an observer rather than an “actor” of the event.

2. How did you feel about what happened, then?

3. How do you feel about what happened, now?

4. How do you describe your emotions at that moment?

5. If you were to evaluate your emotions intensity at that moment, from a 1 to 10 scale, how strong have you perceived them to be?

6. What was the impact of your emotional reactions on the other people around?

7. Were you aware of their reactions at that moment?

8. How do you feel about how you decided to approach that situation at that particular moment?

9. If you would go through a similar situation today, what would you do differently and why, and how would you regulate the impact of such emotions on yourself?

10. What are your take-away’s from this experience?

Now, take a few minutes to let it all sink in…


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