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Rebuilding myself from the ashes of the past and helping others shine

More and more, people around me ask what value I bring as a coach, how come my partnership with my clients bring this result or that result, or why some of my clients believe that I am THEIR partner for change.

Seeing myself through others' eyes is rather easy following the feedback I receive and the inputs I encorporate into my own change journey just like you... Because yes, you wonderful people out there, I do constantly grow and change as well. I do too analyze my results in the process of attaining my goals, I adapt what needs to be fine-tuned, I change altogether what is no longer fitting my purpose and I do my best to learn from my experiences.

Coming back to my coaching impact, I'd say that I have been down, hit bottom and climbed up again, coming up stronger and enriched with terrific life-building tools even more than before... I speak my clients' pain / frustration / confusion / loss / motivationless "language" and I translate their efforts into sustainable evolution towards their goals... I am also perfectible, just like everyone else and I do too learn a lot from my clients, so in my book, that coaching experience is a sure win-win.

How could I ever beat that?!? I am loving it and I thrive on giving as much as I can from my change partner role to my clients so that they can choose the appropriate change steps for them and push forward through their growth journey.

Looking forward to my next wonderful and inspiring change adventure in the coaching world!


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