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Client talk insights...

Today’s wrapping-up talk to one of my clients: “So, we have finished our work together… I have moved on and achieved most of the goals I was aiming for and some new ones… Now what?!?”

Even if she has proven through this journey that she managed everything with flying colors and that her confidence level has risen more than expected, once our partnership is over, she had the tendency to get back to that starting point where she was lost in plans and not trusting her powers.

My role is to support the growth journey of a client, not push in either way or lead or force the change. It has to come from within the client for the client. He is the main and ONLY actor of his OWN change path, I am a mere come-along and sounding board.

Nevertheless, as a coach, my mission includes post-transformational journey support, starting with reminders of the journey itself, of the inner hero for then client, of the fact that HE is the OWNER of the goals, the journey itself and of the results and that HE is the only one taking it to the next level.

The strength that the inner hero has proven during the journey does not fade away once the set destination is reached; it grows stronger with every lesson learned and every success.

Getting back to my today’s client, just reassuring her of the inner hero she empowered, of the amazing results she ALONE reached throughout her OWN growth journey is what will drive her on after our partnership ends. She remains the ONLY actor of her transformation and that is what she will keep in mind.

GO, GIRL! Own it, play it and work it ON!


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