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The Quit Wave!

It all starts with the wording, right? People call it the Big Resignation Wave, because admitting that it is all about quitting, is about accepting that things are really not right within most organizations, that these companies did really nothing impactful for their employees during the past years, that their employees are just fed up with waiting for the focus to be set on them, and that they just get up and quit, not resign, that is actively deciding to leave and search for something else, not resigning to the idea that there is nothing else to do... The power is in the words, I say...

Since several years now, there have been signs of warning that things are about to take a strong shift change towards people, not profit, not ROI, not stocks, but people, the best PMT that any organization has, and some of them did not accept at that time that it is all about the people, not yet.

The extremely traditional companies, large or not, have the strongest resistance to change. They simply refuse to change their mindset towards developing their human resources rather than finding new business and expanding. For a very long time, companies have focused ONLY on expanding, getting new clients, having a stronger ROI, rather than growing the capabilities and developing abilities of their people, doing what it takes to keep and invest in their best human assets, truly recognizing their value.

Now, all that sitting-on-the-bench thing is strongly backfiring and most of those people started to realize that they are truly in command of their own success, that they truly have more options out there than their really thought, that they can be seen as a true asset by another company if their present one doesn’t.

Why now? Because the pandemic has brought the opportunity to rethink the ways of working, approach to solve issues, overall mindset, and surprisingly or not, it offered the opportunity to people (with all that stay-at-home time) to rethink their whole life (professional and personal)… They have really changed their take on the business reality, enabling them to approach their career differently now.

Companies should do the same too if they want to ride the wave, not drown with it.

Change management through adaptive and human centric approach, along with a holistic view on the To Be solutions, is THE KEY to the mindset change.

No matter the CM method you use, just accepting that you have something to do and that you want to embrace the change brings you quick wins already.

Put people at the center of your universe and the results will flow in.

Remember, people make the difference!!!

I asked you again last year, I repeat, ARE YOU READY for the disruptive wave of change?


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