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The Gratitude Challenge

Hmmm… Interesting times we live these days… Lots of uncertainties, changes popping up from everywhere around us, the vision of the future gets blurrier with every new event or challenge…

Let’s put it this way, if these interesting times do not forget the best and the strongest people yet, then nothing will!

Well, the pessimists and negativists among us are having a field day, right? One might say “It is all black, no more white”… But…, is it really?

Aren’t we forgetting the fact that we are, above all and before everything else, humans, which means we are good before bad, positive before negative, and warm-hearted before cold-souled creatures? As one my say: “You are what you feed within yourself”.

How do we change things for our own advantage? How do we shift from negative outlook to positive transformation? The key to this change is so at hand and so basically natural that it requires no deep explanation.

Therefore, how about getting back to our true human nature, to our basic humanity, compassion, empathy and gratitude? Yes, GRATITUDE, one of the most magical human touches to one’s soul.

Don’t you believe that being grateful for what you have today (as you see it, good or bad, little or a lot, beautiful or not so great, etc.) is what you can actually focus on to unlock the next step of your growth? Don’t you think that being thankful for your loving family, your wonderful friends, your terrific colleagues and your magical life experiences is what can push you further towards a new chapter of your existence (better or bigger, as you choose it to be)?

Remembering that you still have the human magic within you and that you can use it to spark the positive light into someone else’s soul is what will bring a new meaning to your life and nurture you with so much more greatness and happiness than anything else could ever do for you.

This is the magic of staying positive and focusing on the present, being here in the moment, being aware of the fact that you are alive, blessed, supported, loved, that you count, that you can truly make a difference is what actually TRULY MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

How about taking up a new challenge to offset these 2020 challenges we are all facing? How about starting a new tradition or taking up a new habit?

Challenge yourself to be thankful for everything and everyone around you each day at a preset time… Take a break from your life to actually appreciate it more, stop what you are doing, block this time in your calendar (if you do not have the slot, make room for it, no questions asked), and BE GRATEFUL. You decide how much time you take, where you do it, when, how, etc. I am doing it and I call it “My ThankU Magic Time”.

Recharge yourself with positive energy, shed the light again on your soul and use it to support someone else. Be your own grateful hero and the hero for someone else. Notice what it will bring into your life, cherish it and pass it on. Simple!

There’s no time like the present, so why not start today, where you are, now?

Do it, capitalize it and share the magic of gratitude. I will tell you no more, try it and you will see for yourself what the power of gratitude can do for you and the others.

I’ll go first…

THANK YOU, my great audience, my wonderful support group, my magic coaching world, my corky friends, my loving buddies… THANK YOU for being YOU, for being HERE, for being HUMAN, for being POSITIVE, for being STRONG.

THANK YOU for the light you bring into my life every day, for the helping hand you land to all around you, for the impact you strive every moment to have on each other’s existences, for spreading nothing else but pure magic and happiness around.

YOU ARE ENOUGH to the world, you are MAGICAL, you are the ROCK everyone else needs, you are WHO YOU CHOOSE TO BE, you are YOU!

For all that and so much more, THANK YOU, WORLD!


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