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Facing the Covid-19 impact and win the race of change

The past two sessions of the Heroes’ Club get-together have been redirected towards a different, yet related topic, the unanimously-promoted subject of the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on society.

Surprisingly or not, all participants shared the same questions, the same equations to figure out, the same dilemmas, and also the same (more or less) possible solutions to their struggles.

One struggle in particular that kept on popping up was how to deal with the fear of unknown at work in relation to the changes brought on by this pandemic, i.e. how to go fully online and rethink social relationships within the work environment, how to achieve results in one’s business using existing skills and abilities along with discovering / defining new rules / skills / approaches, etc., how to “live through it” and come out “successful” (to the level of “success” defined by each one of them)…

Another question popping up was how to use assumptions to one’s advantage and plan for this “new” future ahead when most of the elements are unknown or shifting from one side to the other almost on daily basis. Some even used the moving sands metaphor, that is, if you move, you sink in even further and faster, so one should stop moving… But in real life, this could be the wrong approach for most of us. Stopping to look at the environment, assess to some point the changes and trying to plan the next steps works up to a point. From there on, a choice has to be made and risks accepted in order to keep on going, right?

So, aligning one’s expectations to the new context, preparing to jump in and adapt along the way, facing equations to be solved while defining new steps… Challenging and frightening to some, but not necessarily to all. As usual, it is all in the mindset, that is, what you say to yourself becomes your reality. What you focus your attention and energy on becomes your life.

Therefore, make sure you think “positive”, see change as an opportunity not show-stopper, new horizons as an evolution to embrace, not a problem to solve.

How do you handle your choice and decision-making process during this pandemic period?


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