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Coaching as a mission, not as a business

Most people still wonder today what is coaching capable of delivering to them for a set price, why should they consider this process to drive their change, either on personal or professional side?

I’d step in and say: “why tie the willingness to change, the need to seek support through coaching, to the coaching business part only and mainly in the first place, that comes along with the price to pay for this support?”

I’d say: “why see it as just another service to buy?” instead of understanding that coaches are here for the people in need of a sounding board, of a helping hand, of a unbiased shoulder which they can put their questions and worries on, where they can dig deeper into themselves and find their own answers? Because that is what coaching is all about, unlocking what you already have within yourself, bringing out to light all your strengths, your power to evolve, your motivation to grow.

As long as coaching will continue to be seen as “just another service to buy”, only use all marketing strategies available out there to attract more “clients” and not “people” into it, its magic will not work as intended.

My own view on it: focus on the need to change, on the person in front of you and let the coaching magic happen. The rest will naturally come along with commitment to follow-through.

As a coach, use your energy to help, to be there in the moment for people in need, and focus less on the business approach. In my view, only then you will follow your true calling.

What is your view on coaching?


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